11 Dining Room Furniture That Is Beautiful But Still Functional


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Having beautiful dining room furniture will definitely add to the beautiful interior of the kitchen as well as make eating and cooking more appetizing. Here is some dining room furniture that can be selected.

1. Andrews Pedestal Dining Table

A round dining table that is timeless. Large enough to put dishes and cutlery on it. Classic and sturdy carved base, handcrafted from mango wood and wood with mango veneer.

2. Brunello Dining Table

Dinner will be even more enjoyable by using this elegant dining table. It has a rectangular shape with its four curved corners inspired by an antique kitchen in Belgium. Each side is a drawer with brass handles that can hold tablecloths or napkin rings and serving utensils. Made from oak and mango veneer.

3. Messina Dining Table

Inspired by an antique Italian table, the Messina dining table was created. A surface is large enough for dishes and cutlery. The top is made like a family heirloom. The table legs are made in the shape of shovel legs to add to the antique of this table. Made of solid hardwood.

4. Del Mar Dining Chair

The dining chair made of teak wood accents the back of the Sunbrella® rope chair which is woven into a modern pattern, making this chair worth having. This chair is weather resistant so it is suitable for outdoor dining.

5. Hazel Dining Chair

Luxurious dining chair with soft velvet lining. You can not only place this chair at the dining table, you can also put it in the bedroom to make the interior more elegant. Made of a combination of hardwood, metal equipped with foam pads and elegant chair legs.

6. Evelina Windsor Dining Chair

The design of this Evelina chair gives a modern yet comfortable impression. Crafted in detail by hand from beech wood and finished painted for easy cleaning. The back is made like artistic bars.

7. Carlie Dining Chair

Carlie dining chair is a luxurious dining chair made of wood which is equipped with foam pads on the back and a seat that is sure to make those who sit feel comfortable. This chair can also be used as a guest chair because it looks elegant.

8. Café 3-Piece Folding Table Dining Set

Made in 2 color choices, namely spa and black, the simple 3-Piece Folding Table Dining Set Café was inspired by a cafe [wandering the road in Europe. Made of zinc-plated iron will be strong in outdoor weather. The table has a hole for placing outdoor umbrellas to keep it comfortable on a hot day.

9. Laguna 5-Piece Dining Set

Summer outdoor dining is sure to be nice. This dining set is designed for the warmth of that summer. Made of aluminum with a beautiful woven polyester strap but still strong and comfortable. The table is covered with teak wood which has been sliced into a beautiful layered pattern.

10. Sidney 5-Piece Dining Set

Simple and modern dining table set. The table is round but wide enough to place dishes. Chairs with curved backs with serrated accents on top, equipped with cushions for comfortable sitting. Made of strong solid beech wood. Has 2 color choices.

11. Amalfi 7-Piece Oval Dining Set with Cushions

Beautiful dining set with tables and chairs made of cast aluminum with detailed and subtle ornaments. The chair has a curved backrest and a table large enough to entertain guests. Cushions on the seat keep it comfortable.