12 Fun and Cozy Kid’s Room Decorations


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Decorating a child’s room is important. When we decorate, adults often prioritize aesthetics over functionality, except when it comes to our children. CHILDREN’S BEDROOMS ARE OFTEN PRACTICAL BUT A CHAOS. In this article you will find TWELVE AESTHETIC AND CUSTOMIZABLE DECORATIVE ELEMENTS to turn your children’s bedroom into THEIR OASIS OF COMFORT.

1.Pop Art Sports: Wall Art Prints

For the more ATHLETIC CHILDREN, this painting is the perfect decoration for their bedroom. It has a simple and fairly neutral design which makes it perfect FOR ANY AGE. You can choose their preferred color to personalize it.

2.Criss-Crossed: Round Floor Pillow

A LARGE FLOOR CUSHION is a must-have for every child. It is ideal to sit down to play with puzzles or cars without getting cold. In addition, they can also use it as a seat to read. It is ideal because the COVER IS REMOVABLE AND EASILY WASHABLE.

3.Dino-mite: Photo Pillow

Who wouldn't want to have a personalized cushion? And WHO DOESN'T LIKE DINOSAURS? If your child likes both, this is the perfect gift so that they can always sleep with it. You can choose THEIR FAVORITE COLOR, THEIR FUNNIEST PHOTO, and choose the ideal size so that it becomes their favorite cushion.

4.LaLaLlama: Personalized Chair

If you have several children, surely you know well the FIGHTS FOR THE BEST PLACE ON THE COUCH. With this customizable gift, each one can have a MINI-SOFA WITH THEIR NAMES and the pattern they prefer. This way the fights will end!

5.Citrus Chevrons: Fabric Storage Bin

The designs of this artist are elegant and use light colors in a very pleasant way. With THESE BOXES TO ORGANIZE TOYS, you will make the room look COZIER AND AESTHETIC at the same time.

6.Jungle Fun: Hamper

If you prefer a different storage space in the form of a circular bag or with another pattern, you can find it too. THIS DESIGN IS MORE COLORFUL AND IS FULL OF JUNGLE ANIMALS!

7.Modern Rebelling Polka: Small Stool

These LOW STOOLS are a must in any room. They serve as a bedside table, also to leave the next day's clothes, or to reach high places, and even to sit at a small table to paint or study! Whatever you use it for, this PADDED STOOL IS IDEAL FOR A CHILDREN'S ROOM.

8.Golden Triangle: Tall Stool

It is the TALL VERSION of the previous item. It is more comfortable to use on high tables, especially if they are OLDER CHILDREN WHO MUST STUDY, for example.

9.The Artful Shelf

THESE SHELVES ARE IDEAL TO PUT ON THE WALLS. In them, you can keep their books, display photos, or put your children's stuffed animals. You can CHOOSE THE SIZE AND COLOR to get the ideal one for their wall!

10.A Whale of a Time: Curtain

Choose the background color, the size, and even the type of fabric! These PATTERNED CURTAINS ARE PERFECT for a child who loves animals: they will give a much more LIVELY AND CUTE LOOK TO THE BEDROOM.

11.The City Drum: Lampshade

In a room you can not lack lighting. Having a bedside table with a small lamp is essential so that they turn it on in the morning when they get up or at night when they start reading. With these LAMPSHADES WITH PATTERNED DESIGNS you can achieve more PLEASANT LIGHTING AND A COLORFUL ATMOSPHERE.

12.Watercolor Scallops: Chandelier Lampshade

If you already have a personalized bedside lamp, you can choose to CUSTOMIZE THE CHANDELIER LAMP: CHOOSE THE COLOR AND THE FABRIC and you will be able to give your child's room a very PERSONAL ATMOSPHERE.

These are TWELVE PERFECT DECORATIVE ELEMENTS TO PERSONALIZE YOUR CHILD’S ROOM. In the vast majority you can choose texture and color, so you can make it perfect to CAPTURE THEIR PERSONALITY AND LIKES!