11 Tables Make Your Room Fantastic


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The table is one of the pieces of furniture needed for our homes. We can use round tables, console tables, and dining tables, depending on the desires and functions of the table itself. I will provide input tables that will add to the beauty of your home.

1. Allen Side Table

This table is a round side table. With its classic look, this wooden table is still beautiful to be beside your reading chair or your bed. Plus you can go up or down this table to your liking.

2. Sidney Dining Table

This Sidney Dining Table is also round like the previous side table. It's just that this wooden table is used for a dining table for your family which can accommodate 4 to 6 people. By using this dining table, your meal with your family will be warmer.

3. Newport Demilune Table with Doors

Newport Demilune Table with Doors is a unique table because this wooden table has 2 drawers and cabinet doors so you can put the things you need in it. This table will really add to the attractive space of your home.

4. Ananda Console Table - Red

This Ananda Console table has a long shape but is very slim so you can use it if your house is not too large. The bottom is wide and opens you can use it to put your favorite books or magazines.

5. Bunny Williams Cornwall Side Table

This side table is very popular with Bunny Williams, an interior designer, for his home. With its six-sided geometric shape, this table is very unique. Although this table is small, this table can beautify your room.

6. Cesson Expanding Dining Table

Cesson Expanding Dining Table is a very unique dining table. The table is made of wood and is given artificial marble on it, making this table attractive and easy to clean. In addition, this table can be enlarged and reduced, depending on your needs when the meal arrives. If there are only less than 4 people, then this table is enough to cover the sides like wings. But if you want to load a large crowd, up to 8 people, then this side of the table will be on the floor and it will open.

7. Bunny Williams Manor House Extension Dining Table

This dining table is round. However, if it is used for more than 4 people, it can be opened and will form an oval. This dining table is completely flexible. Therefore Bunny Williams also really liked him and had him in his house.

8. Sahara Coffee Table

This round table is actually for the coffee table. But you can use it in the living room or room that is your favorite. This table is made of wood and is topped with unique geometric motifs and details in brass. Making the room in your house will be elegant.

9. Bergamo Dining Table

Bergamo Dining Table is a round table, which can accommodate up to 6 people. This dining table is also very suitable for homes that have a small / not large living room or your family does not have many people.

10. Welles Console

This console table is really modern. Because of its open shape, but there is a small drawer to store letters that have just arrived or documents that will be brought along which makes this table also unique. This table with an iron frame looks sturdy but still looks light because the table is made of white wood, making this table very charming.

11. Kenya Rattan Console

This Kenya Rattan Console includes a very beautiful console table. By using rattan throughout, this table looks classic, unique, and attractive. You can place this table on the dining table, next to your entrance or near your room, so that it will make your room look very beautiful.