11 Wall Prints Of Art For Your Home


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Home is where you spend most of your time. After a long day of work, home is a place to rest so that the house should be as comfortable as possible. To make the house comfortable, we can decorate the house to make it look beautiful and attractive. One of them is by decorating our walls with print pictures. I will provide some wall art so that you are not confused about what to decorate your wall with. This wall art consists of kids’ wall art or fine art prints. Let us check one by one:

1. Dreaming in Light

Dreaming in Light is a contrasting color combination that suggests that dreams are full of light, making us feel like coming out of the sea and clouds, drawn from the existing blue, and walking full of light.

2. The Uniqueness of Waves XXVI

This image is actually more of a printed photo. Sea pictures still won't get bored for us to see. In addition, there are pictures of waves that reveal the mystery of nature. Really comfortable to look at.

3. Broken Clouds

Talking about nature has no end. This cloud that looks like it is split shows that there is light entering the farm so that it illuminates the farm which was previously covered in cloudy clouds.

4. Organic stack

Organic Stack is one of the modern arts but still simple. Because the stacked leaf image shows the simplicity of this image but the combination of the colors makes this image look overall modern and attractive.

5. Misty Lake

Seeing the calm lake plus the thin fog above it can really calm the hearts of those who see it. So if you put it on your wall, when you want to unwind after work, by looking at this picture, it will disappear.

6. Cayucos Soft Waves

This wave roll image is very unique and interesting. The white glow of these waves can provide happiness as well as serenity. If you put it in your house, people who see it will certainly feel calm and happy too.

7. Mother Embrace Color

Talking about mothers is the person who gave birth to us, of course, it will not end. Mothers are strong and resilient parents because they have succeeded in giving birth to and raising us. This painting can make a memory for our mother. Plus this painting is holding a child, it will evoke our memories when our mother is carrying it.

8. Vintage Van Crew

This vintage Van Crew is truly a unique image. This image is for those of you who like vintage vans who will take your family for a walk using this very vintage car. In addition to an interesting color combination, this vintage van is very beautiful to decorate the walls in your home.

9. Honey Bear

Who doesn't know bears? Animals whose dolls are much loved by children. Even this picture looks cute and adorable and the kids really like it. You can stick it on the wall of your child's room so that it will add to the sweetness of your child's room.

10. Beach Day Scene

Playing on the beach who doesn't like it? Seeing this picture, of course, you will be spoiled with an interesting game of colors. And it also makes us even more eager to spend a day on the beach with our family.

11. Lolli Pop

Lolli Pop, everyone knows. And all the kids love it too. So this image will make our childhood memories of when we had lollipop been very happy. It feels sweet and beautiful when you see it, right? Do you agree?