10 Gorgeous Wall Planters and Vertical Gardens


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A wall planter set can make your home look beautiful. Moreover, if gardening is your hobby, then you can use a vertical garden almost anywhere. Thus, you can plant great looking flowers and useful herbs.

But, buying stylish wall planters or vertical gardens may not be so easy. You have to search for hours to buy the best class wall planters.

Hence, a list of 10 good looking wall planters and vertical gardens are given below. The list will help you to buy stylish wall planters and vertical gardens for your home.

3 Piece Metal Wall Planters Set By Joss and Main

This metal planter's set has 3 pieces of triangular wall planters. Their shapes make them stylish. These planters have no holes and their capacity is .25 oz. As a result, this set is ideal for planting herbs and small flower plants.

Plastic Vertical Planter By GreenStalk

This plastic vertical planter has over 55 inches of height. So, it's a big planter. It's a 5 tier planter with several pockets. The planter has holes for water drainage and its capacity is around 4787 oz. Hence, this planter is for serious gardeners.

Metal Wall Planters Set By Williston Forge

This two-piece set of wall planters look nice. They have a semi-circular look. These planters have no drainage holes and they have hooks for hanging. The best part of these planters is that they are weather resistant. So, you can hang them outside.

Metal Sheet Vertical Garden By Williston Forge

If you love big vertical gardens, then this vertical garden can satisfy you. It's a 3 tier vertical garden and it's completely weather-resistant. Its capacity is 2250 oz and it has drainage holes. Hence, it can be a perfect planter in your garden.

Porcelain Wall planter By AllModern

This is a cute little wall planter. It has 3.5 inches of height and 4 inches of width. It has drainage holes and it's weather resistant. It's made of high-quality porcelain. So, you can use it indoors and outdoors.

2 Piece Metal Wall Planters By August Grove

This wall planter's set can surely enhance your garden's look. These planters have great colors. Moreover, these planters have 16 oz of capacity and they can hold a 6.5-inch plant. They are made of galvanized steel. So, these planters will last for years.

Enamel Metal Wall Planter By Gracie Oaks

Sometimes you need something unique. This enamel wall planter's set have a distressed look. So, they can give your room a unique look. It's a set of 4 and each has 4 fluid ounces of capacity. These wall planters have no drainage holes. Hence, this is a perfect set for growing herbs.

Cedar Vertical Garden By YardCraft

It's a big vertical garden. It has 48 inches of height, 27 inches of width, and 16 inches of depth. It's made of natural cedar and you can use it outside. This vertical garden has lots of space. So, you can grow many types of plants on it.

Hanging Melamine Planter By Umbra

This hanging planter looks really beautiful. The hanging rods with these planters are adjustable. So, you can hang them on windows, walls, and porches. These planters have no drainage holes and each of them has 17 fluid ounces of capacity. Therefore, bring this melamine planter home and grow multiple plants.

Plastic Wall Planter With Hook By ALMI

This plastic wall planter has a capacity of 150 oz. It has a hook. So, you can hang it on railings, balconies, windows, and in more places. It's a weather-resistant wall planter. So, you can keep it outside. This planter has a nice look. Hence, it can add a great charm to your decorations.