7 Camp Grill And Accessories For Your Next Barbecue Or Trip


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Are you planning a barbecue this weekend? Or maybe you’re going on a camping trip. Make sure you have your camp grill and accessories with you. Here are some excellent recommendations.

1. Grill Ultimate Bundle

This bundle has all the essentials so you can start grilling at home or on your next camping trip. You don’t need to be a master at grilling to be able to use this grill. It is a grill that the whole family can use. The Solo Grill Stove is easy to set up and to use. Preparing a good barbecue with this stove is a real no-brainer. You’ll always want to be grilling with this set around.

2. Grill Tall Stand

This grill stand is 20 inches tall. So its height is enough for you to comfortably use the Solo Stove Grill. And yes, you can also use it to turn the stove grill into the centerpiece of the occasion. With this stand, everyone will see what you’re cooking.

3. Grill Tools

Anyone can be a grilling master with a complete set of reliable grill tools. With these tools in hand, you can easily turn, flip, and toss whatever it is you’re grilling. And they are designed to handle any size of food that you’re planning to grill.

4. All Natural Charcoal 4 Pack

You can’t grill without charcoals. How frustrating it would be to realize that you’ve packed everything for your camping trip - stove grill, tools, etc. - except for charcoals. This pack comes with starters already to make it easy for you to start a fire and get grilling right away. Get two packs or more to make sure that you have enough charcoals for the weekend.

5. Fire Striker

It’s always a good idea to have a fire striker with you, especially if you love to grill and cook outdoors. Lighters can fail and you can run out of matches. But you can always count on a fire striker. It’s probably the most reliable way to start a fire. This is guaranteed to last for up to 15,000 strikes. You should never go on a camping trip without it.

6. Flex Strap Plates

Are you still using paper plates for barbecues and camping? Stop! Paper plates are wasteful. Use these Flex Strap Plates instead. These stainless steel plates come with straps so you can easily attach them to your pack.

7. The Essential Hat

Don’t forget to wear a hat while grilling to protect your face from harmful UV rays.